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Unlocking the Hidden Threats: Why Attack Surface Intelligence Matters

Did you know that 76% of organizations have fallen victim to cyberattacks initiated through unknown or poorly managed external assets? What's more, a staggering 30% of assets lurking within customer environments remain unknown to security teams.

With the average cost of a data breach soaring to nearly $5 million dollars last year, the question arises: How can you safeguard what you cannot see?

Enter Attack Surface Intelligence. By enhancing asset visibility, prioritizing vulnerabilities for remediation, and fortifying security controls, organizations can confidently mitigate risks and defend against cyber threats. Additionally, automated and human-operated continuous penetration testing ensures ongoing compliance with industry standards and regulations. Protect your digital assets and safeguard your business with Attack Surface Intelligence today.

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red teaming testing 01 image

Uncover and Organize Your Assets

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your digital assets and their impact from the outset. With your organization mapped from day one, visualize your digital footprint from a bird's-eye view down to individual asset specifics.

  • Stay informed with continuous asset monitoring, spotting changes and potential vulnerabilities in real-time.
  • Leverage a blend of automation and human annotation to assess your digital footprint, ensuring accuracy and actionable insights.
  • Have total visibility into all your known and unknown external assets

Gain Insight into Your Exposure

Visualize your attack surface from an attacker's perspective, pinpointing your most vulnerable areas. Utilize exposure data sourced from vulnerabilities, operational technology, user behavior, compromised systems, public disclosures, and configurations across network, API, software, and the web.

  • Unlock insights into your entire infrastructure with minimal effort.
  • Dive deeper into areas of interest such as subsidiaries, geographical locations, or specific technologies.
  • Identify hidden risks lurking within shadow IT environments
red teaming testing 01 image
red teaming testing 01 image

React Swiftly to Vulnerabilities

With thousands of known vulnerabilities worldwide, it's crucial to ensure your protection. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your exposure across the extended enterprise as new vulnerabilities emerge.

  • Efficiently grasp your external exposure to swiftly mitigate risks.
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity to allocate resources effectively.
  • Direct your focus on addressing the most critical vulnerabilities for enhanced protection.

Remediate the Core Issue

Break the cycle of repeatedly addressing the same findings. Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls to fortify your defenses against cyber attacks and streamline operations.

  • Establish scalable processes that adapt to your team's needs.
  • Assess the efficacy of your controls to avoid recurring issues.
  • Prioritize and communicate performance metrics to stakeholders for enhanced transparency and alignment.
red teaming testing 01 image
red teaming testing 01 image

An On-Demand Security Testing Platform

Empower your security efforts with our comprehensive platform, offering both automated and human-operated penetration testing capabilities.

  • Assess security across various domains, including web and mobile applications, networks, APIs, and cloud assets.
  • Leverage both automated tools and human expertise to conduct thorough penetration testing.
  • Our platform offers a powerful and reliable solution for identifying vulnerabilities and enhancing your overall security posture.

Affordable and easy to use security solution

​​”Really appreciate CloudMatos for exceeding our expectations by conducting & delivering comprehensive Pen Testing and Malicious code analysis, got reports in just 3 days and well within our budget. Highly recommend CloudMatos platform for their exceptional expertise in Pentesting and code analysis.”

Ricky Arora,

Key Features




Assets (Web, API, Network)

Key Testing Features

Web Application Discovery & Testing (8000+ Test Cases (OWASP Top 10 & CWE Top 25, SANS, etc))

Internal Applications (Scanning Internal Applications)

External Applications (Scanning Publicly Available Applications)

JavaScript (Crawling through all integrated scripts)

Fingerprinting (Technology based Test Cases)

Crawler (Crawling all available endpoints)

Smart Recon (Dark Web, Open Source, Clear Web, Wayback, etc)

API Security Testing (SOAP, REST, GraphQL API)

Network Discovery & Testing ( 50,000+ Test Cases )

Business Logic Security Review

Proof of Exploit

Interactive Application Security Testing

Software Composition Analysis

Authenticated Scanning

Out-of-band vulnerability testing

Secure Code Review (SAST)

Cloud Security Review (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Compliance Review ( SOC2, ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR)

Vulnerability Retest

Scan Management and Reporting

Number of Users

Executive dashboards

Full detailed scan report (including technical details about the vulnerabilities)

Remediation Advice

Flexible Support Options

Scheduled Scanning

Scans per Target

Publicly verifiable Pentest Certificate

Report Results





Co-Branded Report (Add your company branding)

Whitelabelled Report (Reports with your branding)


$3,000 / year


Upto 10


✓ Upto 500 Functions

















$10,000 / year


Upto 50


✓ Upto 1500 Functions






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