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How businesses become agile and efficient with Google Anthos hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities

How businesses become agile and efficient with Google Anthos hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities

Powering enterprise IT can be complex, costly, and quite inflexible. One of the biggest challenges for enterprises today is to run applications anywhere, without being stuck with one provider. They want to take advantage of the cloud’s innovative features, flexibility, and scalability without experiencing vendor lock-in. 

That’s where Google Anthos comes in!

What is Google Anthos?

Anthos- Google Cloud’s new open platform is secure, flexible, and simple. It is based on Google CSP (Cloud Services Platform) and allows you to run applications anywhere viz. in the public cloud or existing On-Prem hardware. Its hybrid functionality can be available on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) as well as in your data center with GKE and GKE On-Prem. 

Moreover, you can deploy, run, and manage applications on 3-party clouds of your choice like Azure, AWS, and so on. This eliminates the need for developers and admins to learn different APIs and cloud environments.

Anthos - Making businesses Agile and Efficient

Businesses need an architecture that will flexibly adapt to the changes in their workloads. They can't be limited to yesterday’s outdated systems. Google Anthos - a multi-cloud and hybrid application platform comes with new capabilities to allow enterprises of all sizes to manage their workloads faster and more flexibly.

Anthos is built to support different workloads thriving in different cloud environments, regardless of their location. 

Anthos is an entirely software-based solution that can quickly get up and running on an enterprise’s existing hardware. For this, it leverages the latest technologies, feature updates, open APIs, and consistent security patches to help you modernize at scale.

How businesses become agile and efficient with Google Anthos hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities


Key Features of Google Anthos

Enterprise-ready container management service

Anthos allows enterprises to employ Kubernetes clusters anywhere, on-premises as well as in cloud environments. It provides a reliable and consistent managed experience, as Google validates all the installs and updates.

Automate policy at scale

With Anthos, you can define, automate, and employ policies across workloads based on your enterprise's security and compliance needs. Anthos Config Management evaluates the changes made and reflects them to all Kubernetes clusters.

This open-source platform has powerful support for industry leaders such as VMware, HPE, Cisco, Dell EMC, and so on. The fully-managed approach of Anthos makes it the most reliable, flexible, and cost-effective choice for enterprises’ cloud strategy, as they can benefit from open source without actually having to operate it.

Fully managed Service Mesh

Service Mesh feature of Anthos empowers an organization’s development and operations team by helping them secure and manage traffic between services. In addition to this, it also monitors, improves, and fixes application performance.

Security scaling for multi-cloud and hybrid environments

With Anthos, security integrates into every segment of your applications’ life cycle- right from the initial developing stage to its final run. Plus, it also enables a dominant security strategy across all these deployment models featuring a detailed security controls portfolio.

Driving Efficiency

Not only does Anthos make deployments flexible, but it also drives out inefficiency and extra costs from your workloads. As it does not require a third-party hypervisor, you will save costs, get rid of management overhead, and have better overall performance. 

Wherever you need to deploy your workloads- be it remote sites, retail stores, or even branch offices, Anthos will help you bring your applications closer to the end-users. Enterprises won’t be limited to just public clouds and data centers. 

What Anthos can do for your Business?

Kubernetes has well-documented advantages to it such as cost-effectiveness and efficiency which makes it one of the best tools in development. Not to forget, it helps you introduce new services and products into the market in a faster way.

Anthos provides a solid bridge for enterprises between modernization and legacy, especially when it comes to addressing problems such as resources, talent gaps, etc. 

With Anthos, your IT and development teams can have access to a centralized, consistent platform, no matter which environment it may be. It is like one powerful solution across all your platforms. The unified control and command center of Anthos lets you deploy, monitor, and update your applications with ease.

Anthos provides a holistic method for governing your entire cloud infrastructure. It’s the commencement of finding how Anthos are solving the problems of cloud by offering security, flexibility, adaptability, and consistency across multi-cloud and on-premise, and our experts in CloudMatos are ready to help you to solve these challenges and make you stand out. 




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