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How does it work?

Support compliance frameworks such as HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, NIST, ISO 27001, and GDPR and has adequate coverage on security controls for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

CloudMatos is a comprehensive cloud-native security platform that supports compliance frameworks such as HIPAA SOC 2 PCI-DSS NIST ISO 27001 and GDPR, and provides adequate coverage on security controls for AWS Azure and Google Cloud. Our tools are custom catered to your needs as a business. Our team is hand picked to support your security and compliance needs. We bring talented security architects and cloud architects into your workload to find and solve all your compliance and security needs. We also provide the best workflows that support your needs, so you can have minimal impact to your products and customers.

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Why have it?

Stay secure with continuous monitoring and it helps to remain compliant. Fix the gaps in a short period and get the audit ready fast for various regulations and standards.

CloudMatos is an all-in-one cloud compliance service that helps keep your business in line with HIPAA SOC 2 PCI DSS NIST ISO 27001 GDPR and other industry standards. Cloudmatos works to help you feel confident in your cloud security posture while providing a best-practices workflow. CloudMatos builds secure and compliant infrastructure for your business so you can focus on your product and customers. Fast-growing companies need a solution that keeps an eye on their compliances. CloudMatos is your one-stop solution.

Why CloudMatos?

CloudMatos focuses on the customer first. Your security and compliance is our success. We will work to provide IAC automation and cloud security enablement to provide enterprises with an edge over bad actors by ensuring compliance with various regulations, and standards. Our development teams work to stay ahead of all compliance standards requirements and regulations, our security teams work to stay ahead of the competition in working towards securing our customer's environments.

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More About CloudMatos

Pioneering the world of cloud security and compliance, MatosSphere brings a complete cloud governance solution for your cloud infrastructure. Our cloud security platform provides you with the tools you need to secure your IAC and cloud environment and meet compliances. With our self-healing, self-aware, self-sustaining, self-resilient, self-secure and intelligent remediation, MatosSphere is the only cloud security platform you need to keep your IAC and Cloud Infrastructure Safe and Compliant.

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