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What Causes Cloud Misconfiguration?

  • When it comes down to it, cloud misconfiguration can have many different causes. However, the root of the problem is often poor security systems, badly documented changes, and a lack of auditing and ongoing maintenance of the cloud system. The problems that come from cloud misconfiguration are the root of 80% of all data security breaches, according to a Gartner report

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It can potentially be disastrous

You could easily be a single misconfiguration away from a disastrous hack or cyber assault that could leave your organization’s precious data at risk. Unfortunately, due to their inability to completely cover your cloud estate, agent-based security solutions cannot be depended upon to identify cloud misconfigurations. So let us help you.

How MatosSphere can help

Our continuous scan solution along with dashboard and visualization provides you with fine-grained visibility into misconfigurations in your infrastructure

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